I was born in Ekaterinburg. During the cold war, my family escaped the turbulent Soviet Union ‘through a crack in the Iron Curtain’ to the United States. I continued my artistic journey in Europe and in Amsterdam I ventured into the realm of abstract painting. It felt revolutionary to me: scary but liberating, and above all exhilarating. Creating abstract paintings is an ever ongoing experiment, which never stops surprising. It allows me to explore new methods, techniques, and materials resulting in unexpected effects.


From an early age, I was trained to strive for lofty aesthetic harmony within figurative visual representation. This quest for the “Golden Fleece”, striving for visual balance, was so deeply instilled in my mind that it has become an instinct. Within my abstract work I am still striving for this classical perception of perfection but in a purer manner. It is a symbiosis of Western abstract expression supported by classical Russian art tradition.


  • Affordable Art Fair 
    Excited to show new works at this year’s Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam. The fair is from October 26th until October 30th at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. In collaboration with JCT Gallery we are present at Stand D 15 – Please reserve your tickets and come and see us!
  • Rollingart Exposition Rotterdam – April 21-24
    I am very proud to be part of this event! It’s an honour to be presented along side with these great artists in Rotterdam this April!